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My 3 Mobile

At my3mobile you can browse all the latest deals and offers for mobile phones, mobile broadband and SIM only plans from the 3 Store. Browse our hot deals for our top offers and MiFi for mobile Wi-Fi internet.

3 Mobile Network

The 3 Mobile network has the UK’s biggest 3G UK network, rated No.1 network for mobile broadband, rated for best speed, reliability and value. 3 currently cover more than 97% of the UK population for calls, texts and internet on your phone and Mobile Broadband, and by the end of 2010 3 aim to cover over 98% of the UK population. The 3 network will have over 12,500 sites which will increase coverage, as well as improve speed and reliability for our Mobile Broadband customers.

Mobile Phones

3 offer a wide range of great value deals for mobile phones from Apple iPhone, Blackberry, INQ, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ZTE. All handsets are available on either Internet Texter, Internet Talker, One Plan or on Pay As You Go, and in various colours, contract lengths and accessories.

SIM Only

3 offer a wide range of SIM Only plans to suit your needs and budget.The SIM Only One Plan offers a comprehensive package of voice, text, data and voicemail. All the other plans provide various combinations of voice, text and data on Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly contracts.

Mobile Broadband

3 was the first network to launch Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband. The 3 network is rated No.1 network for iPhone - rated best for internet speed, coverage, connectivity and reliability. As well a providing reliable mobile broadband for 3G mobile phones. iPad Micro SIM Only plans offer plenty of data for using your iPad on the move. 3 offer MiFi mobile broadband enabling you to connect up to 5 Wi-Fi devices anywhere, at anytime. SIM only plans are available with generous data allowance for mobile phones and SIM only for iPads.

Mobile broadband allows you to enjoy your favorite internet applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Spotify, Google and more. Stay in contact with your friends and family where ever you go.

3 Skypephones and VoIP

3 is the first and currently the only UK network provider to offer a mobile phone specifically for VoIP - the 3 Skypephone.


3 offer three types of tariff all mobile phones and SIM Only plans - Internet Talker, Internet Texter and The One Plan.

The Internet Texter is design for people who prefer to text than call. Internet Texter plans come with a free mobile phone and 5000 texts, 1GB of internet and generous anytime minutes.

The Internet Talker is for people who prefer to talk then text and come with 500MB of internet, less texts but with plenty of anytime minutes.

The One Plan is for heavy mobile usage and offers near unlimited use with 2000 anytime minutes, 5000 text and 1GB of internet from only £25 per month.

3 MiFi

Get wireless internet whenever you want with MiFi®. 3's mobile Wi-Fi dongle works with anything Wi-Fi enabled, connects up to five devices at once, and fits in your pocket. Take it everywhere.

Ideal for connecting your laptop, iPod, iPad, Kindle or any other Wi-Fi enabled device. Listen to music, watch TV, stream films, surf the internet, check your emails, update your Facebook or do any of your favorite fun internet things!

Available on Pay As You Go with 3GB of data from only £69.99 or Pay Monthly on a 1 month rolling contract with 5GB of data from £15.99 per month.